TV station airs clip of meteorologist swearing

March 16, 2012

Technology is supposed to help us out at work, but when it gets in the way instead, it’s easy to get frustrated. That happened Wednesday to Rachael Plath, meteorologist at KRDO-TV in Colorado Springs — but her reaction wasn’t supposed to be aired.

In the video clip below, Plath is seen giving the weather forecast on air, when the graphics behind her change, apparently prematurely. Plath suddenly exclaims “Son of a b—-, why is this happening!” and walks off the set.

The video was quickly picked up by The Huffington Post and the U.K.’s Daily Mail, leading to numerous viewers posting sympathetic notes on Plath’s Facebook page

Plath told readers that the segment was prerecorded, not live, and the clip in which she swore was not supposed to be used on-air.

Wrote Robert Borges, “No need to ever feel bad or apologize for being a human being, I once inadvertently dropped an F-bomb at a convent.”

Plath gamely responded to the feedback, thanking viewers for their support and noting that she was “trying to shrug it off.”

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